Air Conditioning

The hot summer days in Escondido can be brutal, and there is only one name to call for your air conditioning needs. HVAC Escondido Pros are the professionals you need to handle all your AC repairs and installation. Our customers know that when they call us, they are getting fully licensed and bonded repair technicians, dedicated to getting our clients systems up and running again.  We have many years of combined experience, to troubleshoot faulty systems, and arrive at the correct solution. Every AC system we encounter is a unique situation, and that calls for a company that can think outside the box. Call and let us go to work for your air conditioning Escondido repairs!

Air Conditioning Repair Escondido

In the area where we live, the air is warm to hot for most of the year in Escondido.  Your AC system is running virtually all the time, with minimal downtime between cycles.  It is inevitable that your unit is going to break down and need repairs. When your air conditioning breaks down, we understand that this is not the greatest time for you.  However, give us a call today, and we will put you at ease with our proven methods of troubleshooting and repair.

There are some warning signs that your AC unit may be having some issues. Take note of the following:

  • An electric bill that is reaching the stratosphere is a clear sign that you have a significant problem.  The harder your AC has to work, the more energy you are using. That translates into dollars and cents, and you are throwing it out the window.
  • You notice the air flow in the house is not as cool as it used to be.  Also, you see that you must set the thermostat lower and lower to get it to cool off.  You could have a bad capacitor, or your fan motor is about to lock up.
  • There are times that our technicians discover that the main problem is simply a dirty air filter that is stopping the flow of air. However, when you notice that the air temperature is varying a lot from room to room, it is likely a severe problem, and that situation needs repair services immediately.

Air Conditioning Installations Escondido

Maybe last summer your AC just wasn’t up to the task, or near the end of the season, started to show signs of going out.  If over the last few summers you have had the repairman out on more occasions that you care to count, then a new system is likely what you need.

When it is time for a new AC installation, we are the ones you need to call.  Installing a new air con system is not your “Lowes” type of DIY job. If not properly installed, even a system with all the bells on it is not going to perform well and may even cause breakdowns in the near future.  So how do you know it’s time to replace your AC unit?

  • As previously stated, if you are calling out an AC repair company regularly, that is a sign that your system is just plain worn out.  Replacing your air conditioning is usually the better option versus throwing more money away at an older system.
  • If you have an aging AC system, that is over ten years old, it is time to consider replacement.  Even if you think things are running just fine, a system that old is not running at the original level of energy efficiency as when it was new.  Also, components like the compressor may not give a warning before going out. The cost of a new compressor usually makes repairing older units too expensive.  In these cases, it is time to replace the entire system.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Escondido

You got a shiny new system, so you have nothing to worry about, right?  If HVAC Escondido is providing maintenance and servicing of your unit, then you can truly have peace of mind that your system is in good hands.  It is vital to maintain your central air conditioning system so that you do not incur costly repairs down the line.

Even if you installed the current unit a few years ago, things can start to breakdown.  Parts like capacitors, leaks in the Freon lines, and other AC parts can just wear out. Routine maintenance can identify a failing component and be replaced before turning into an emergency.  Here are some other reasons why your air conditioning needs a maintenance schedule.

  • Maintaining high energy efficiency is key when it comes to your system.  You paid for the best unit that would lower your electricity bills. By performing some simple checks, we can make sure that it is giving you that money-saving return you were looking for.
  • Performing some simple maintenance can help you avoid costly repairs as mentioned before.  For example, if the checks that our technicians run determine that a part is starting to fail, many times they are covered under warranty.  We can replace those failing parts while there is no additional cost for you, versus it failing outside the warranty coverage.

Brands We Service

We provide you with a highly skilled group of technicians, who know how all these AC systems are supposed to work.  There are many makers of cooling units out there, and our company only works with the best in the business. The following list are just some of the top brands we service and provide parts for:

  • American Standard
  • Amana
  • Bryant
  • Carrier
  • Daikin
  • Goodman
  • Lennox
  • Rheem
  • Ruud
  • Lennox
  • These are the brands you trust in your home or business.  Therefore, we want to be that company that repairs and services your equipment.  We specifically use only name brand parts and replacement units, because living in a hot climate you do not want to go cheap.  Name brands come with warranties that you can trust.


    The market is flooded with all sorts of AC repair services.  However, in the North County area, there is just one name to trust. Homeowners and businesses in the area know us, and they trust us to fix their AC when it goes out.  Our growing list of satisfied customers is a testament to the quality work we provide. That quality comes from having a workforce of highly skilled HVAC techs that are fully trained on how to fix a broken unit.

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